Busy. Exhausted. Overwhelmed. These are words leaders use all the time.

Your life is full, but it feels empty.

You feel busy, but nothing feels significant.

You do a great deal but accomplish very little.


And it’s killing you. It’s killing you because you are a high capacity leader. You’re driven and successful.

But you don’t feel that way. You feel alienated from your family. You feel separated from your teams at work. You aren’t sure that you’re doing the things that you love and want to break free.


You know that there’s more to life than busyness. There’s more than accomplishments. You want something more.


If you’re like most of my readers, there are three words that describe what you want: You want to live and lead with purpose, productivity, and peace. Here’s how I describe these three words:


Purpose – knowing your why.

Productivity – doing your why.

Peace – resting in your why.


You want to live and lead with your WHY first.


PurposeAs a leader, you need to define why your organization exists. But you also want to know why you’re on the planet. You don’t want to simply spin your wheels at work and home. You want to discover and live out of your purpose.


ProductivityProductivity isn’t about getting more done in less time so that you can do more. Productivity is about doing your why. It’s about getting results and building relationships by focusing your time, energy, and attention. Productivity is about doing your why.


PeaceYou don’t want to simply know your why and live your why. You want to live it out in a way that leads to peace. Personal peace in which you can feel rested and accomplished in your why. Relational peace with your family, friends, co-workers, and community. This is the kind of peace that can rest when everything around you seems in chaos. When you experience peace, I think you’ll experience three conditions.

  1.     You can fulfill your purpose.
  2.     You can experience unimpaired relationships.
  3.     You can have a sense of ease, satisfaction, and fulfillment.


Peace is the differentiator on this website. There are plenty of great websites out there that help you know how to live with greater purpose. There are resources available that teach you how to be more productive.


But I want to help you live with purpose, productivity, and peace.

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