What Is With God Leadership?

Your leadership matters. Whether you lead a family, a department, a small group, a big church, or a huge organization, your leadership matters.
It matters to your followers.
It matters to your family.
It matters to you.

Your leadership matters to God.
But Christians don’t always understand how much God values leadership. Delights in good leadership. And longs for his people to lead well.

Leadership was God’s idea from creation. He worked with and through leaders throughout redemptive history. Jesus developed leaders to carry out his great commission. And he continues to raise up leaders to advance his kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

So your leadership matters to God.
Whether you lead in the marketplace or ministry.
Whether you lead a church or a home.
Whether you lead a huge organization or a small team.

Your leadership matters to God.

God desires to lead you in your leadership. Since God cares about your leadership, how can you lead in a way that acknowledges how significant your leadership is to God?

What is With God Leadership?

With God Leadership stems from the belief that Christians influencers are, first and foremost, called into a vibrant relationship with God. You are not simply called to do things for God but are called to life with Him. In fact, the highest calling on your life is a life with God.

  • With God Leadership is a way for Christians in the home, marketplace and ministry to approach leadership. With God Leadership is effective for all kinds of leaders who claim Christ.
  • With God Leadership begins with an acknolwedgement that God is not only with us but also that he has plans for us. He invites us to discover his plans and work with him to accomplish his priorities. God doesn’t want you to simply lead others. He wants to go before you, walk with you, and come behind you to lead in every area of your life.
  • With God Leadership happens when your leadership is practiced with and guided by an awareness of God’s presence, voice, and will.

Why Does a With God Leader Need to Be Aware of God’s Presence, Voice, and Will?

With God Leaders learn to answer three questions continually in their leadership:

  • Am I / are we aware that God is present?
  • What do I/we hear him saying at this point?
  • What does he want me / us to do?

With God Leaders become aware of God’s presence as a reality of life. We cannot escape God’s presence. He is everywhere. When we acknowledge this reality, leaders begin to look for the ways that God is leading.

With God Leaders learn to listen to God’s voice. Not only does God speak through the Bible, but he also speaks to his people continually if they will slow down enough to hear him. His voice gives peace, guidance, and instruction to his people. With God Leaders learn to hear God’s voice.

With God Leaders discover God’s will. Not only does God speak to his people, but he also reveals his will to his people. “In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps” (Prov. 16:9). When leaders discover God’s desires for them, they can lead others to the places where God is already at work.

How Do I Develop With God Leadership?

Jesus told his disciples that “Apart from me, you can do nothing” (John 15:5). There is nothing we can do for God when we aren’t in an abiding relationship with Jesus Christ.

With God Leadership takes Jesus at his word. It seeks to abide in Jesus, know his voice, pay attention to where he is going and what he is saying. Then, as a result, it seeks to lead others into the places and purposes to which God is leading.

First, With God Leadership focuses on knowing and listening to the Triune God. 

In order to help you know and listen to God, With God Leadership seeks to know and listen to God by utilizing a variety of spiritual disciplines to partner with God in personal transformation. Scripture, prayer, silence, slowness, and both individual and communal discernment are some of the pillars of knowing and listening to God.

This blog will empower you to know and listen to God.

Second, With God Leadership focuses on going where God tells you to go.

Once you know how to listen to God, you can discern where he is leading you as you lead others. Christians often develop a vision of where they are going with their families, teams, or organizations without ever seeking understanding about where God wants them to go. Once you know how to listen to the voice of God, he can guide you into his plans. When God guides you into his plans, it is guaranteed that he will accomplish his will!

This blog will equip you to discover where God is leading you.

With God Leadership then focuses on best practices in personal, team, and organizational leadership. 

You need to continually develop your leadership skills to become the leader God desires. And leadership takes a lot of skill! From vision clarification and casting to strategic planning to leading effective meetings to creating a healthy organization, you need to develop the skills necessary to honor God with your leadership.

Once you know how to become aware of God’s presence, voice, and will, it becomes easier to discern the skills that you need to develop.

This blog will mobilize you with skills from some of the best leadership practices, tools, and resources.

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